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Who we are

SMP is a technology company on a mission to build the first AI-powered platform for the creation
of personalized dynamic fragrances.

Our vision

We aim to make personalized perfume experience accessible to everyone in the world.

By seamlessly connecting consumers to fragrance through our platform, we make scent creation more accessible, opening
up more possibilities for consumers and more business opportunities for partners.

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Our platform

Our patent-pending technology delivers a unique scent experience to customers and niche business opportunities to partners by combining Artificial Intelligence, Hardware, Software, and Fragrances. In a nutshell:


Consumer interacts with the scent creation platform by using a network of high-performing diffusers and Apps.


Based on consumer’s usage patterns, the Artificial Intelligence at the platform’s core analyzes collected data and outlines consumer’s unique fragrance profile.


The diffuser “perfume autopilot” recognizes the perfume preferences of each consumer and autonomously creates personalized, dynamic perfume.


SMP in action


Upon the platform, SMP a series of first-of-breed intelligent perfume diffusers.

They create custom fragrances based on the deep analysis of consumer's preferences and usage patterns.

It combines AI with a set of 5 or 7 fragrance multichannel diffusers to jointly create thousands of unique scent combinations.

Learning from consumer interactions with the diffuser through a connected App, it autonomously forecasts the scent combination that matches consumer's personalized fragrance profile.

Forget about conventional diffusers that cause smell fatigue, our solution never gets old by assembling personalized fragrances for every consumer.

Deep personalization is achieved by AI-powered selection of several cartridges out of 24 basic ones. This allows having millions of unique combinations of cartridges, ensuring a consumer will find theirs.

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Why partner with us

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SMP is a pioneer in the area of intelligent creation of personalized dynamic fragrances. Our patent-pending technology brings us to the forefront of fragrance and hardware innovation.

Becoming a part of the platform means exploring new opportunities in a multi-billion market emerging among three rapidly growing industries: Perfumery, Smart Home, and Wearables.

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